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One of my most favorite videos of all time. This video speaks of the power of practice and consistency. The successful people achieve success by constantly grinding and improving. Every small action you take daily builds up your momentum towards success. Just like a snowball which starts small but grows huge as it rolls. Start taking daily actions towards your goal and you will soon achieve what you desire. Start your journey towards Financial freedom by subscribing to our newsletter and beginn...

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fair income
Fair Income may have confused you a bit. I agree that it’s not easy to figure out a fair income. It depends on the criteria that you use to decide the fairness. So in this article we will attempt to get an idea of a fair income. Let me first divulge the reason I am writing this article. I recently came across an article by the title Salary Gap: How much Money Senior Managers Make. The article was published on a NDTV website which is a well-known Indian commercial broadcasting television network....

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to buy or not to buy
To buy or not to buy is a dilemma that many of us face at various times. Especially while making the costlier purchasing decisions. Sometimes we come across things that we really want and/or need but may not be able to afford comfortably. Or we may need to stretch our budget to buy some things. And if nothing else…. There is always EMI! These decisions affect our finances. And if you are not cautious you may end up facing a lot of financial trouble. I know it because I was there. Making these de...

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Money Value of Time
Money Value of Time? Yes… it’s not Time value of Money that I am talking about! You may have probably heard about the Time Value of Money concept. And if you have not…. You can read about it in my article “What is Time Value of Money?” And while you are at it, I would also recommend you to read two more related articles namely “What is Present Value of Money?” and “What is Future Value of Money?”. So let us get back to the Money Value of Time. Now Time Value of Money Concept states that: “The Va...

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future value of money
In my previous article “What is Present Value of Money” we discussed the present value of money with respect to money you want to earn in the future. In an earlier article “What is Time Value of Money” we established that the value of money changes with respect to time depending on how you use it. In this article we will discuss about the “Future Value of Money” concept. Similar to the Present Value of Money concept, the Future Value of Money concept is based on the Time Value of Money ...

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Present Value of Money
  In my earlier article “What is Time Value of Money”, we discussed how the value of money changes with time. In case you did not read it, I would highly recommend that you do. Understanding the “Time Value of Money” concept is one of the most important financial lessons you could learn to achieve financial freedom. Just to make sure that we are on the same page…. The value of money changes with respect to time depending on how you use the money. You may choose to spend the mon...

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It’s Indian Republic Day. 26 January 2015. Being an Indian I cannot resist the urge to write something on this occasion about the republic day. Today I write solely to rekindle the Spirit of India resting dormant amongst each one of her children. I wish to remind all the Indians what we stand for and what we live by. To do so I recount the dreams of our ancestors who spilled their blood and sweat to build the India that we have today. And by doing so I wish to motivate all my coun...

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Time value of money is a very important concept in business. Most businesses make sure to consider the time value of money when taking any financial decisions, especially purchase. And there is a reason to it! One of the most important qualities of a business is that a business is always focused on improving finances. In general terms, a business is always looking for profit. One of the most important concepts that keep a business profitable is the “time value of money” concept. ...

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Understanding the difference between price and value may possibly be one of the most important financial lessons you could ever learn in your journey towards financial freedom. Financial transactions are a part of life. You buy every day or at least frequently. You sell every day for sure. When you work at a job, you are selling your time and efforts (including your knowledge and expertise) for money. Understanding the difference between price and value will help you make smart fi...

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how much do you really earn
Know your Income. How much do you really earn? I am aware that most of you would say that you already know. But knowing how much money you are getting and how much your income actually is are two different things. I had mentioned this topic in my earlier article “Evaluate your current financial position”. But the Income mentioned there is different from the concept that we will be discussing here. That income was solely for the purposes of evaluating your financial position. It...